Business coaching: How should you choose your coach according to what he does?

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In order to provide an ideal context and the necessary means for employees to be efficient and satisfied with their work, business coaching proves to be a very effective practice to achieve these goals. But, concretely, do we know what is business coaching, what does a coach do, what is the best way to choose the right business coach? Well, read on, in the following lines we will show you how to choose the right coach for you…

First of all, let’s remember what is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a professional development practice that aims to help individuals or teams develop their full potential, in terms of professional and personal goals. In other words, the business coach has a different position than that of a trainer. Their role is not to provide the solution and advice to the person, but to guide him/her in the framework of a personalized one-to-one accompaniment. The objective, then, is to help the person find his or her own resources and develop his or her skills to achieve his or her objectives. In short, coaching is a practice aimed at achieving real results.

Finally, business coaching aims to respond to the current challenges of well-being, transformation and performance in companies. More than a method aimed at curing discomfort, it is also, and above all, a practice that allows coachees to find their own resources to cultivate their well-being and to face an unprecedented situation.

In addition…

Business coaching is a specific and personalized support program. This year, the demand for business coaching services has increased by 30%.

It is important to highlight that it is carried out through the participation of three entities: the agent company, the person(s) being coached and the professional coach. The support responds to a need identified by the company (improving well-being at work, strengthening team cohesion, better managing work-life balance, preventing burnout, etc.).

Dialogue is the key to success:

In concrete terms, business coaching translates into regular face-to-face discussion sessions within the company or remotely, thanks to videoconferencing. The coachees are the subject of playful scenarios or exercises, with dialogue and exchanges being the keys to success. The topics of business coaching are very varied. The objective can be to support a person taking over a position (taking the right reflexes, adopting the right attitude, being credible, etc.), learning to communicate better with colleagues and the media, developing the creativity and productivity of a team, improving stress management, conflict resolution, priorities, among others. The truth is that the possibilities of business coaching are almost endless.

In an increasingly competitive and stressful environment, companies need support to achieve their goals and improve the performance of their employees. The coach who executes the business coaching strategy helps employees, managers or leaders to give the best of themselves. But what does a business coach actually do?

What is the work of a business coach?

The business coach is a specialist in accompanying executives, managers and employees. Through the execution of business coaching, the coach helps his client to become aware of his potential, to gain self-confidence, to better manage his stress and to give his best at all times. Thanks to business coaching sessions in a company, performance can be greatly improved.

The coaching offered by ChVmpion Mind is second to none….

This is mainly because it aims to improve the performance and promote the professional development of the people who agree to participate in the 21-week program and accept the challenge. The accompaniment concerns the individual (employee, manager or leader), and the team or organization. The field of intervention of ChVmpion Mind is very broad as it can intervene in:

  • Conflict management
  • Helping people to manage stressful situations
  • Consolidating a team (ChVmpion Mind assumes the role of team coach).
  • Improving the skills of executives, managers or leaders
  • Leading a group to promote the invention of innovative ideas
  • Helping an employee to regain self-confidence and have better self-esteem
  • Supporting employees to take on a position, new roles or responsibilities
  • Promote the personal and individual well-being of each employee.

José L. Meléndez CEO of ChVmpion Mind leaves us these enlightening words:

“If coaching is the water for someone to become a champion, ChVmpion Mind is the structure for the champion to drink that water properly”.


Within business coaching, it is necessary that the coach can establish a real relationship and put himself at the service of his client to help him to find in himself the capabilities to achieve the objectives set with the right process. The work of a coach refers to the technical knowledge as well as to the know-how and interpersonal skills that he/she possesses. The psychological aspect is also of great importance. The business coach accompanies the person to help him/her overcome professional difficulties, make decisions or implement actions aimed at achieving a professional goal. Its mission is, therefore, to give greater confidence and work in a conflictive situation, while learning to manage stress. This resolution is carried out over several sessions and even several months.

How to choose the right coach?

Finding a coach and true professional can take time. Remember, many people call themselves coaches when they do not have the required qualifications or experience. It is essential that “feeling” and trust be present as an intuitive guide. However, beyond your instinct and your feelings, you must imperatively make sure of your coach’s professional background and knowledge. It is therefore important not to hesitate to meet several people before making the choice of a particular professional in the area of business coaching.

To find the strangest pearl in the sea of proposals you will have, you may have to contact organizations dedicated to business coaching. Such is the case of ChVmpion Mind, which has a consolidated structure and a portfolio of coaches and professionals with more than 20 years of experience. If a business coach has been able to convince other people and teams elsewhere, it is likely to meet your needs as well.

When making the right decision regarding the choice of your business coach or coaching system, the next step is to sort out your priorities, i.e. what you want to work on and improve. As we all know this is a very hard, important and difficult task.

Business Coaching: Do you want to reach your goals as quickly as possible?

Being accompanied by a coach is one of the wisest decisions you can make to do so. But now, you are faced with a terribly difficult question to answer: What do I need to work with my coach? According to the qualities, methods or vision of my coach’s profession, what problems should I face in my business? Here are the main criteria you should take into account when choosing your coach according to what he/she does and what you need. Pay close attention!


Business Coaching: Main selection criteria

1.Matches the goals you have set for yourself.

What goals have you set for yourself that led you to choose business coaching as a mechanism to pursue?

  • Overcome certain blocks?
  • Find the right axis?
  • To implement the right actions?
  • To carry out a project?

Depending on your objectives, you will choose one coach over another. If you want to overcome blocks, communicate better or manage your stress, a business coach with certified personal development experience, subject to a common code of ethics, will be more compatible with your purposes. If you need a guide, a mentor to help you chart a course and give you instructions and advice, then you are purely looking for a business coach.

2. A good relationship with the coach

Of all of them, this is one of the most important criteria. If you are looking for a coach, you should necessarily opt for someone who has the skills for your project or for your area. But, at the same time, a person who has a sense of humor, who is lighthearted and willing to enjoy the process. In short, the good vibes should flow, and it is not just because you are a business coach that you have to be a serious and hard person. Choosing a coach means choosing a partner to whom you will give full confidence. If there is any doubt in your mind, don’t even try to embark on the adventure. Take the time to discover the person who could become your coach before hiring him. Take the time to get to know them. See if you appreciate their listening, their mannerisms, their posture. Business coaching should be approached with care and caution. The following elements are essential in your decision making:

  • Are you reassured by his or her words? Do you feel changes when talking to him or her?
  • Do you feel listened to?
  • Do you feel that he or she takes you seriously?
  • Do you like his or her vision of things, of the world around them?

These are all questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.

3.Business coaching is a personally proven method

In order to help others improve themselves and ask the right questions, the coach must have been there. This does not mean that he has lived through the same situations as you. Rather, he has experienced the methods and techniques that he or she will help you apply. A 6-day training is not enough to fully understand a technique. And a method created from scratch may not work well. The most important thing is that the trainer has experienced the methods and techniques he will use with you. Ask him or her how he or she came to realize his or her techniques and methods. Business coaching will make a positive change in your life and work environment, so choosing the right coach will be critical to achieving results.

4.The choice of a partner’s posture

Your coach is there to help you: all the results you will obtain will only be the fruit of your efforts. Your coach cannot take the credit. On the other hand, he or she must level with you and think like a partner in your quest. The deal is win-win: if you play, you both win, if you don’t play, you both lose. There is no middle ground. Business coaching should be a safe bet, so choosing the right coach is important.

5.Is it a questioning?

Is your coach questioning your practices? Is he or she questioning himself or herself in his or her approach? If your coach does not enter into a continuous learning process, you run the risk of not having a truly personalized support. A coach must know how to evolve, to add new strings to his or her bow, to discover new tools. Without this, you run the risk of finding yourself stuck in a limited practice, which will not lead you down a good path. Ask him what his training rhythm is. How has his practice evolved over the years. The answer he gives you will be valuable when choosing the best business coaching trainer.

6.The ethics of business coaching

Your coach can respect a collective or personal code of ethics. As this work involves asking very personal questions, dealing with confidential issues, it is obvious that the coach must respect the rules of confidentiality and the private life of the person he/she is working with, i.e. you. Therefore, a business coaching coach must understand respect and ethics.

In addition, your coach’s ethics must be in line with yours. If you want to go in the same direction, this is a must. The ethics of your business coaching coach are easily recognized by asking these questions:

  • Why are you doing this work?
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • What are your greatest successes?

7.The promise of business coaching

Beware of the promises that certain or so-called coaches may make to you. The results you can expect depend primarily on you. A coach will never be the architect of your success. He or she can help put you in the best position. However, the effort required to succeed and better yourself is up to you. Business coaching works as a guide to success, but it does not assure it if there is no commitment on your part.


The goal of your coach is to make you independent. In general, the contract should be designed for this purpose from the beginning. Business coaching, although it is not an instantaneous job, should not be extended for such a long time, it should be extended only for the necessary time.

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