ROI: Get to know the return on your business investments in human development

Can you imagine being able to monitor the evolution of your leaders and estimate the ROI (Return on Investment) on their personal and professional goals?

Well, you can stop imagining it and make it a reality, because ROI is another of the key functionalities offered by the ChVmpionMind tool. Finally, you will be able to know the real benefit of the investments your company makes in human development, with real data.

Remember: what you can’t measure, you can’t improve.

What is ROI?

Its acronym stands for Return on Investment and refers to a performance metric that measures the benefit obtained from an investment in relation to its cost. It is calculated by dividing the total benefit of the investment (net profits) by the cost of the investment. Read on to find out what its function is in the ChVmpionMind application.


The ROI on ChVmpionMind

ChVmpionMind is a proven method:

  • Year 1: ROI of over 500% per person.
  • Year 2: ROI of more than 2,000% per person.

These data meant that with an investment of 40,000 euros, an ROI equivalent to more than 572,000 euros was obtained in multinationals. Let’s not forget the healthy habits that were implemented, even avoiding sick leave due to stress. In addition, 95% of the employees who successfully completed the program during the 21 weeks managed to increase the company’s productivity and work according to the objectives achieved.

The big difference between the return on investment with a traditional coach and with ChVmpionMind is that in the first case you cannot measure it. However, in the second case you can obtain qualitative and quantitative ROI.


The context of corporate investments in human development

All organizations seek to find the benefit of the investments they make in human development, but it is very difficult to know the exact reasons that contribute to a good development. Is it that the employee has learned to listen more actively? Has he developed his level of emotional intelligence? Is he managing to respect his turn to speak in meetings?

The ROI of ChVmpionMind changes this picture, because the user is the one who puts the value of what is gained or lost with the application. Each time a task is accomplished or a milestone is achieved, more value is placed on it and reflected in the application.

Finally, the ROI is calculated and will be verified by the company. Therefore, you will know at all times if your employees are taking advantage of the investment you make in them in a personalized way.


Investment control: the origin of ChVmpionMind

The origin of the application is directly related to a behavior pattern detected in the corporate world around 2015. After completing a leadership program for a technology company with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. Most participants felt that it had been one of the best leadership programs they had ever had. The surprise came when it was found that none of the participants had successfully completed the program. That is, all the jobs and internships.

How can a company that invests millions of euros in people development not follow up on the investment? How can participants not feel accountable for maximizing the investment made in them? How can companies invest time in finding suppliers, allocate large resources and not ask for objective results or an ROI for the investment made?

At that time, we found two main problems: companies were the main obstacle for companies to achieve optimal results that were reverted to the company, and employees did not feel responsible for the investment made in them.

In other words, the priority was not the present investment and future goals, but the problems and daily tasks. With the birth of ChVmpionMind and its ability to measure ROI, the problem disappeared.


Request a demo and learn how the application works.

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