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What is burnout and absenteeism, how to detect them and take action? "It is not a question of adding every day, but of subtracting, of eliminating little by little everything that is not essential". The phrase was uttered by a martial arts master and it has stuck in our memory, because he did not say it as a warning, but as a call for help.
It is well known that time is the most valuable factor available to human beings. So much so that it has become the main key to gain productivity and competitiveness in companies. However, productivity is not only about effort, but also about personal satisfaction. If you are looking for work productivity techniques, a different method to incorporate or modify habits and improve your leadership, stay! Let's tell you about the ChVmpionMind method.
Companies are increasingly focusing on the true value of their business: their employees. When employees change their habits and improve the development of their skills and emotional competencies, such as leadership, teamwork or empathy, a more favorable working environment is created. This has an impact on relationships and the work environment, but how does it affect productivity?
 Talking about productivity implies talking about effectiveness for a very simple reason: a productive person is not someone who works long hours, but someone who does something whose consequence is a certain result. An effective person must be very clear about the objective to be achieved. Otherwise, he lacks focus. And if she lacks focus, she is unfocused. He also needs to accomplish his tasks in the shortest possible time. And for this, it requires the ability to take actions that allow it to obtain results in a short time. And finally, it needs to consume few resources.
Achieving work-life balance is not an easy thing to do. The situation becomes even more complicated when the work activity is suddenly developed in a teleworking environment because of a crisis, such as the health one we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19. In this environment, workers remain connected to new technologies, which can lead to demotivation, lack of a sense of belonging, reduced productivity and lack of some competitive advantages. Hence, the importance of personal well-being to cope with change.
Did you know that demotivation is one of the main causes of low labor productivity? This post condenses the keys to coaching in labor productivity with the aim of offering practical information aimed at those business positions that want to build good relationships, or improve the ones they already have in the company, as well as betting on training plans with which to improve the welfare of staff and productivity. 
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